General home inspections.


General Home inspections. Prices are based on the square footage and are competitive in Northwest Ohio. Call or text to book an inspection, or simply book an inspection online by clicking the "Book an Inspection" button.

Predrywall inspections are home inspections that take place before dryall is installed in new construction. Inspections generally occur after the foundation components, floor, wall, and roof structural components, plumbing, electrical, and rough-in components and windows and exterior doors are installed.

Video Sewer Scope Inspections are inspections of the main sewer lateral or building sewer. The condition of the sewer line is generally unkown until a sewer scope camera is fed through the line. Replacing a sewer line can be very costly and I know this from my own experience.

Sewer Scope Certified

I will check all major appliances for recalls through RecallCheck– Included with every general home inspection.